2 Days in the Valley

IMDb 6.50
In Los Angeles, the professional cold blood killer Lee Woods and his loser partner, the hitman Dosmo Pizzo, are monitoring the house the aspiring Olimpic skier Becky Foxx that is sleeping with her ex-husband Roy. During the night, the killers break in the house and Lee dopes Becky with an injection and kills Roy. They flee and Lee shots Dosmo and blow up their car with Dosmo inside. Then he escapes from the crime scene with his Norwegian girlfriend Helga Svelgen. Meanwhile the bigoted veteran vice detective Alvin Strayer wants to bust an Asian massage parlor to deport the women, but his partner, the rookie and ambitious Wes Taylor, does not agree with his attitude. When Becky awakes covered in blood, she runs to the street and stumbles upon Alvin and Wes that drive to her home to investigate the crime. Dosmos is wearing a bulletproof vest and survives; then he seeks shelter at the mansion of the wealthy and snobbish art dealer Allan Hopper. Allan has kidney stones and his assistant Susan Parish, who is permanently humiliated, is taking care of him. Meanwhile the washed-up and suicidal director Teddy Peppers is at the cemetery with his beloved dog Bogey visiting his mother's tomb with the intention of committing suicide. He sees the nurse Audrey Hopper and offers Bogey to her. She invites him to visit her half-brother Allan that might be interested in the dog. Throughout two days, the lives of these characters are entwined and truth is disclosed.
Comedy, Thriller, Crime
Jeff Daniels, Glenne Headly, Marsha Mason, Danny Aiello, Paul Mazursky, Teri Hatcher, Peter Horton, Greg Cruttwell
John Herzfeld
27 Sep, 1996
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