"Call the Midwife" Christmas Special

IMDb 8.70
After delivering a baby in a toilet Jenny is approached by a ragged old woman asking after the child's welfare. The nuns identify her as Mrs Jenkins, who lives in terrible poverty but refuses help. Eventually Jenny and Sister Evangelina get through to her and help her improve her life. Jenny is perplexed that Mrs Jenkins mistakes her for somebody called Rosie and uncovers a tragic set of events in the old lady's life before closure is achieved. Rehearsing for the local nativity play its director Chummy seeks the help of intelligent school leaver Lynette Duncan, unaware that the girl is heavily pregnant, ultimately giving birth but leaving the baby at the convent door. Chummy unites mother and child but the play seems doomed when its costumes are destroyed when a water pipe bursts. Fortunately the locals rally round to ensure that the show goes ahead.
Vanessa Redgrave, Jenny Agutter, Judy Parfitt, Micky Baker, Miranda Hart, Jessica Raine, Joanne Matthews, Monsay Whitney
Philippa Lowthorpe
30 Dec, 2012
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