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01 Partners
29 Jan, 2014
Guilt ridden Officer Nick Barron returns to work following a deadly shooting; Ben Chartier's transfer to Station 19 from Québec's rural police force turns rocky after a split-second decision triggers an internal investigation.
02 Deer
05 Feb, 2014
A showdown between rival street gangs goes terribly wrong, leaving Ben’s life in danger. Squad 19 gathers at Marie’s for the Sergeant’s party and Isabelle discovers Nick may have feelings for someone else.
03 Welfare Day
12 Feb, 2014
The first of the month brings “Welfare Day” to 19 – Nick and Ben handle an array of belligerent civilians; the day caps off with a cataclysmic domestic disturbance.
04 The Party
19 Feb, 2014
Tyler botches a takedown of a gang of rapists that nearly costs Nick his life, and leaves Ben to question Tyler's fitness on the job. Nick brings Harvey to Houle’s BBQ, which goes crudely awry.
05 Home
26 Feb, 2014
Nick butts heads with J.M when they are assigned patrol together. Beatrice embarks on a new romance.
06 Turf
05 Mar, 2014
A cover-up comes back to haunt Nick and Ben, pitting them against Gendron. Nick’s frustrations mount when Ben encroaches on his personal life.
07 Lovers
12 Mar, 2014
Squad 19 is pulled into a big raid. Nick and Ben clash over a politically explosive DUI while Isabelle and Nick find common ground when Theo starts to act out.
08 Medals
19 Mar, 2014
An amber alert ripples through 19. After realizing he’s been shutting Audrey out, Nick makes a strong commitment to her. Ben continues to date Amelie without telling Nick, adding another stress to their partnership.
09 Islands
26 Mar, 2014
The squad is devastated when one of their own is brutally assaulted and left clinging to life, causing personal vendettas to collide with protocol in the aftermath.
10 Winter
02 Apr, 2014
In the climactic season finale, Nick receives devastating news, and struggles to contain his explosive response. A surprise visitor lands in Ben's life, forcing him to make some very hard decisions.
11 School
19 Jan, 2015
The entire squad is embroiled in an intensely tragic school shooting with consequences that will profoundly impact all of their lives.
12 Disorder
26 Jan, 2015
In the aftermath of the school shooting, the squad copes with the trauma as it affects them in ways they never expected.
13 Borders
02 Feb, 2015
After the arrest of a misunderstood homeless man and the retrieval of a runaway, Nick and Ben realize that not everyone can be saved.
14 Tribes
09 Feb, 2015
The squad becomes involved in a feud with firemen; little mistakes cause consequences.
15 Rock Garden
16 Feb, 2015
Amelie takes a chance on Ben, while Nick and Isabelle receive shocking news about Theo.
16 Tables
23 Feb, 2015
The hunt for the mole takes a dramatic shift when Nick is pulled off patrol.
17 Property Line
02 Mar, 2015
Housing evictions put a community in crisis.
18 Babylon
09 Mar, 2015
After an accidental death, violent protesters occupy an abandoned building and the squad must clear them out.
19 Orphans
16 Mar, 2015
With the squad in fragments, the true identity of the mole is revealed.
20 Bridges
23 Mar, 2015
The mole goes on the run as the squad members begin turning on one another.
21 Burn Pile
20 Jun, 2016
The squad waits for findings in the Sgt. Houle case. Also, the squad is fractured, and multiple lives hang in the balance due to a horrific accident.
22 Rescue
27 Jun, 2016
Nick probes his cousin's mysterious death, and before long a possible witness emerges.
23 Chicken
04 Jul, 2016
Ben helps Nick with a murder investigation, only to stir up tension with Homicide.
24 Bitch
11 Jul, 2016
A wannabe mobster has a tempting proposition for Nick.
25 Protest Pants
18 Jul, 2016
The city cuts public sector pensions, pitting the squad against their own.
26 City
25 Jul, 2016
Ben's father vanishes. Meanwhile, Nick makes a deal with Martine.
27 Honeymoon
01 Aug, 2016
Work-to-rule ends, with the squad returning to normal duty. Meanwhile, Nick hides secrets from Ben as he tracks his cousin's killer.
28 Fall
08 Aug, 2016
A misunderstanding results in tragedy, changing the lives of Nick and Ben forever.
29 Gone
15 Aug, 2016
Fallout from a tragedy finds Nick and Ben leaning on one another for support, yet lies and deceit threaten to tear them apart.
30 Water
22 Aug, 2016
Truths about Amelia's death are uncovered.
Only 8 Episode Season
Only 8 Episode Season
33 Swimming
31 Jul, 2017
Nick and Ben decide to take down Elise to avenge the brutal murder of Nick's sister. Also, Nick is first on the site of a horrific event with numerous casualties, plus Ben and Audrey get swept up in a tragic accident.
34 Driveby
07 Aug, 2017
With the investigation of Elise Roberge over, Ben volunteers for surveillance duty; Ben and Audrey face the consequences of their accident; the squad ends up in the middle of a growing gang war.
35 Fishbowl
14 Aug, 2017
Ben's actions bring repercussions; in pursuit of justice, Ben and Nick encounter a person they thought they'd never see again; a new officer joins 19; the squad finds out something disturbing about one of their own.
36 Labour Day
21 Aug, 2017
The squad escapes to a cottage for the weekend, where alcohol and the intimate setting lead to conflict.
37 Flowers
28 Aug, 2017
The patrollers of 19 struggle to find their footing. Nick realizes what he wants. Dulac loses control.
38 Sons
04 Sep, 2017
Ben faces consequences; Nick's new romance gets complicated; Dulac crosses a line; Audrey thinks about the future.
39 Wake
11 Sep, 2017
Ben's troubles become public; Nick faces a crisis; Dulac gets in over his head.
40 Tomorrow
18 Sep, 2017
Series Finale. The squad works during a full moon; Suarez and Beatrice receive unexpected news; the squad works to prevent a tragedy.

19-2 4

IMDb 8.20
Character-driven drama, 19-2 revolves around the day-to-day life of two unwilling partners of the Montreal Police Department, Officers Nick Barron and Ben Chartier. These two beat cops patrol the urban sprawl of downtown's 19th district, in cruiser No. 2. 19-2 is about the tensions and bonds that develop between two incompatible men of very different temperaments and life experiences. Over time, Nick and Ben's mistrust and antagonism for each other give way to moments of mutual respect and a wavering chance at a true partnership. As Season 1 progresses, we also get to know the tight-knit squad of 19. We see friendship and enmity, loyalty and betrayal. The series delivers in portraying the unpredictability and fragility of the world of a beat cop through moments of life-threatening intensity to its characters, both on and off duty, cementing 19-2 as a powerful character study and a gripping police drama.
Drama, Crime
Adrian Holmes, Jared Keeso, Benz Antoine, Laurence Leboeuf, Tattiawna Jones, Bruce Ramsay, Dan Petronijevic
31 Jul, 2017
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