IMDb 5.20
Beth, Milena, and Carina are three college students who've shared some of Rio's most wild and legendary parties for the past few semesters. After living in New York for a year, Beth returns on New Year's Eve a changed girl, willing to mend her ways and grow up. Milena and Carina, however, are not happy about their friend's change - Keen on stopping Beth form becoming "respectable" at all costs, they show up at her house with dozens of friends to celebrate the New Year. Before dawn, secrets will be revealed, friendships will be tested, hearts will broken, and tears (and other bodily fluids) will be spilled. As the night unfolds, we also witness past events in a seedy nightclub, which changed the lives of those three girls forever.
Comedy, Drama
Giovana Echeverria, Jeyce Valente, Ingra Liberato, Bruno Dubeux, Nicola Siri, Rafael Canedo, Raphael Logam
Alex Medeiros
12 Nov, 2015
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