...And They Lived Happily Ever After

IMDb 6.60
What makes a marriage? Georges and Natalie argue and shout constantly; Fred, a bachelor playboy approaching 50, sleeps with many women, loving them all, living with none. Vincent, nearing 40, best friend of Georges and Fred, is married to Gabrielle and they have a son. He keeps his feelings to himself. He and Gabrielle are playful and passionate with each other, then bored and detached. Is Vincent holding back, and if so, why? A colleague accuses him of believing in romantic fairy tales. Gabrielle imagines them separated. Are the basics of life women working and men chasing skirts? Is marriage the alternative to possibilities?
Comedy, Drama, Music
Yvan Attal, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Johnny Depp, Christiane Oui Oui, Alain Cohen, Carolina Gynning
Yvan Attal
25 Aug, 2004
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