100 Feet

IMDb 5.50
After seven years and fifty-two days in prison, Marnie Watson returns to her old house in Brooklyn, New York, under the house arrest condition for the next six months. Marnie was sentenced for killing her abusive and brutal husband, the policeman Mike Watson, in self-defense and she must wear an electronic brace around her ankle that allows her to move in a 100-foot radius in the house during her probation. Mike's former partner Shanks takes Marnie under his custody, stalking her from his car, expecting her to violate the limits of the electronic device and send her back to prison. Sooner Marnie discovers that she is trapped in the house with the ghost of Mike that has not moved on and is still in the house seeking revenge against her.
Horror, Thriller, Mystery
Famke Janssen, Bobby Cannavale, Patricia Charbonneau, John Fallon, Ed Westwick, Kevin Geer
Eric Red
24 Jul, 2008
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