21 Hours at Munich

IMDb 6.50
The infamous attack on Isreali athletes and coaches in the Olympic Village during the 1972 Munich Olympics is chronicled in this made-for-TV movie and supplemented with archive footage from the actual games. Members of the Palestinian Black September Movement kill two and hold nine others as hostages to exchange for hundreds of Arab prisoners in Isreali jails. The Isreali government adheres to its policy of not negotiating with terrorists, and German Holocaust guilt will not permit West German officials to allow the terrorists to leave the country with the hostages. Therefore, it falls to Chief of Police Manfred Schreiber to delay fulfilling the Palestinian demands through ongoing negotiation, but sooner or later he knows that tough decisions will have to be made.
Drama, History, Thriller, Sport
Richard Basehart, Franco Nero, Noel Willman, Shirley Knight, William Holden, Anthony Quayle, Georg Marischka, Else Quecke
07 Nov, 1976
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